Happy Pets Photo was created by photographer Mark Nouillan

Being an animal lover has meant that photographing them has always been fun for me.

About 10 years ago I started working with digital images and ended up developing a completely unique self-taught way to turn photographs into what looked like wildly colorful paintings on canvas.

It has taken many years to perfect and has even involved me taking images of some paintings in oils, to create the layered and brushstroke effects you can see in the finished works of art.

A little about my background.........

Mark achieved his early dreams at the  tender age of 17, when he started as a professional photographer, gaining a highly sought after and prestigious position on the photographic staff of Scotland's No.1 selling Sunday newspaper, The Sunday Post.

He was fortunate enough to learn the craft he had studied since his early teenage years under the guidance of some of the countries leading award winning photographers.

Within two years, Mark was regularly having his images published on the front pages of the newspaper and other titles within the media group.

Mark was suddenly diagnosed with cancer at the age of 19, having just lost his father to cancer 3 months before.

Mark underwent a two year battle for survival, ultimately undergoing a Bone Marrow Transplant.

Although weak and frail, Mark returned to work and within 12 months landed "Scotlands Photographer Of The Year" Title and "Royal Photographer Of The Year" Awards.

Mark continued his Award winning ways photographing, news and sport, eventually becoming the senior photographer at the UK's top daily Newspaper (magazine division), where he was fortunate enough to be charged with photographing some of the World's most famous celebrities and Royalty.

Mark, then opened a Fine Art Photography Gallery in Scotland, where he successfully landed the rights to exhibit the World's most famous photographic images.

In 2000, Mark moved to California, and opened another small gallery featuring his own images of his beloved Yosemite National Park.

Mark became known as "The Scottish Ansel Adams"

In 2013, Mark was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in Scotland.

Once again, Mark survived against the odds, after going through such large doses of Chemotherapy and Radiation, Doctors confirmed Mark has had more Chemotherapy and radiation than anyone alive today.

During this two year battle against Breast Cancer, Mark wrote the inspirational book "Cancer Bravehearts"

Find out more at www.cancerbravehearts.com

Continuing to provide the highest quality photography to clients in Tuolumne County, California, Mark splits his time between his photography and offering seminars and personal guidance to those facing cancer.

On the 30th January 2017, Mark became the World's Longest Surviving Bone Marrow Transplant Patient.

Mark has survived over 30 years of fighting cancer on three different occasions, and his goal is to help others get through the struggle.

I have put together a small gallery of my "Award Winning Images"